The Luscious Collection
The Luscious Collection

What we are about

Love yourself - Every body is a beach body

✓You’ll never have to compromise between bikini print or shape.

You will have the freedom to choose both.

✓Wide range of shapes that actually fit your body-type

✓Size range going from EU size 34-44, EU cup size A-E

Love your surroundings - Sustainable vision

✓Made of Italian, high quality fabric made out of recycled PET-bottles & ghost-fishnets

✓Sustainable vision applied to all phases of the proces


✓Implementing circular Design (hangtags, packaging, …)

The Story

In 2014 Belgian/Mexican founder realised how few peers were able to fin the perfect piece of swimwear. After conducting a market research it was concluded that most purchases were done on a compromise. Either on fit, fashion or budget. 

Strongly believing in the idea of offering the perfect swimsuit for everyone, Momoco Bikini was born.

A brand that reflects love, love for yourself & love of our surroundings.


The Founder 

Itza is the Mexican/Belgian founder of Momoco Bikini, make-up artist & producer. She describes herself as a nomad/ world citizen, finding home wherever she can work on Momoco & wherever she can find good food. 


She has recently left everything behind in Belgium to move to Shanghai where she lives with her British husband and an old stray dog called Mona. Itza found inspiration in the concept of 'cradle to cradle' design & the awareness of the long term effect of our general consumer pattern has on the environment & ecology. 


She has now channeled her true beliefs into creating a swimwear brand that has as positive an impact on both body image as the environment. 

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